Dawn Marie Cooke


Dawn Cooke has been on the scene in Detroit as an illustrator and tattoo artist for many years. She has uniquely marked individuals from every walk of life. Dawn is the owner of Harlequin Tattoo in Hamtramck, a graduate from CCS and currently maintains a studio practice at H.A.T.C.H. artist collective. She has shown work in Michigan, California, Illinois and New York. Her art is imaginative, stylized, and expressive. Her figurative paintings explore themes of magic and mystery through a study the female form. Her work often speaks to us about the ideal of feminine beauty with the undertone of a twisted psychology. Sickly, and cute, sexy and grotesque, Her work will inspire something visceral in viewers.

"Everyone seems to want to see artists stuffed neatly into a box where their work can be easily understood and consumed. I don’t think it should be that easy, my work is messy! I hardly understand it myself, I'm not sure that I want to. The images carry the message as far as the mind can wonder. Truth is, I’m an image junkie. I just consume everything I see. For me, the paint is like candy. It's certainly over indulgent. I binge and then I purge."